Accreditation Status

Since March 2010, Princely Knowledge Consulting has been granted accreditation as a provider of education training and quality assurance with the Services SETA. (Accreditation Number: 2405).

All our training programmes have been aligned to unit standards in line with the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) and SAQA requirements.

Recently, Princely Knowledge Consulting has extended the scope of its accreditation/programme approval to Public SETA and Transport SETA. Our Programme approval to these two SETAs was granted, and we await the formal approvals of ETDP, LG and Construction SETA as well.

Our facilitators have been sourced on the basis of their proven competences and effective service excellence, professionalism and accreditation as facilitators, assessors, moderators, RPL Advisors and Internal Modifiers.

Organizations are therefore eligible to claim back on their skills levies for all trainings provided by Princely Knowledge Consulting. Please contact Remy Oyejide for further information on